About Us

Who We Are

All of ROOTi's designers face mental health disorders, and each expresses unique viewpoint through one of a kind jewelry designs.

We strongly believe in providing our employees with a sustainable arena for self-expression and growth.

ROOTi was established on the fundamental idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to practice his or her own strengths. We believe that everyone has a talent, and the journey is about discovering that talent and incorporating it in daily life- both personally and professionally.

Our Vision

  • We provide beautiful jewelry and items with the sole aim of adding beauty and offering joy to all people, everywhere.
  • We try to weave our employees’ stories into the products they create.
  • We want to show that each and every one of us is an equal member of our society.
  • We aim to provide a solid platform for people who struggle with mental illness so that they can start working for themselves and express themselves as they wish.